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2014 Farm Journal

When establishing growing goals it is important to first consider location and timing. Having the right place and time are often an essential part to a good harvest. Miss the window for sowing and you may as well wait until next year – especially true for long season crops.

While the harvest is the true decider on which vegetables did well. Our seed to table process has three easy to track stages.

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GOALS: Establishing and Tracking

Last year we organized our seed collection into alphabetical order. Along with creating a Google Spreadsheet to track the seeds. The spreadsheet includes stock levels, sow indoor / outdoor dates, growing tips, germination date, harvest date, etc. The concept of working with a spreadsheet is that the spreadsheet will never really be completed. A spreadsheet should be considered an ACTIVE document – a document that over time changes.

To be honest, our Seed spreadsheet took a year of adding data to – before the spreadsheet was seen as a powerful resource. The spreadsheet is helping to determine our stronger vegetable varieties. While working to strengthen some of the heirloom varieties we are interested in.

Seed Saving – Harvest generations of trusted vegetables

Seed saving is an important part of growing vegetables. Over the past few years, we have developed a strong seed collection. Each season the knowledge of our vegetables improves. With time and experience we come to understand the needs of our vegetables. Ensuring that our customers have fresh healthy vegetables.