DAY 1 – This year we have targeted three large leaf spinach. With over 450 seeds sown, we are hoping to have a good harvest.

  • Spinach – Bloomsdale long standing (40 – 60 days).
  • Spinach – Nobel Giant (43 days).
  • Spinach – Monstrueux De Viroflay (28 – 50 days).

Local Spinach

DAY 6 – Update April 8 2014:  No germination from any of the three spinach varieties that were sown.

DAY 9 – Update April 11 2014: Bloomsdale are showing a small sign of germination. With maybe 10 germinations.  Neither the Nobel Giant or Monstrueux De Viroflay spinach has germinated.

DAY 33 – Update May 5 2014: Nobel Giant spinach fly into first place with hundreds of buttery spinach starts.  While the Monstrueux De Viroflay spinach may do best to be reseeded. The two spinach bed photo is a perfect example of why you want to seed heavy and thin when needed. Not all seeds will germinate.


Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach had a good germination rate.


DAY 61 – Update June 2 2014: . The first heavy day of spinach harvesting.

The Monstrueux De Viroflay Spinach (Monster) are an awesome 10 – 12″ soft buttery leaf. Our germination rate for the this Monster Spinach was 1/10. The germination rate is considerable low.

Vivian juices Soapbox Farm spinach.

The Nobel Giant Spinach had a much higher germination rate. The extra plants were thinned and sold for juicing. We plan to hold off sowing any more Nobel  Giant Spinach until late fall, as this variety prefers cold temperatures.

Most all of the Bloomsdale Long Standing has bloated. The seeding may have been too heavy. Will retry sowing more seeds in the fall.

DAY 68 – Update June 9 2014: 

Nobel Giant “Using bowl of greens as my bouquet, just wonderful” – Vivian

  1. Monstrueux De Viroflay – awesome for warm growing.
  2. Bloomsdale long standing – bloated
  3. Nobel Giant – may do better in winter.

Spring Snow


Wasn’t expecting 3-4 inches of snow this morning. Granted it is beautiful, and the snow is melting fast. The main test will be if the recent seeds planted will survive this cold blast?

I almost imagine that the parsnips will benefit from the extra moisture. The carrots may not be as hospitable to the cold. As of yesterday there were a few signs of carrot germination – no where near the vast number if seeds sown.

Broccoli and cabbage seeds should be unaffected – as long as the snow does subside by afternoon.

Spring Garden Review

Local garlic - early spring

The small patches of hard and soft neck garlic are as happy as the blooming daffodils. Strong, board green leafs.

2014 Garden List

The soil is heating quickly from the strong morning sun. Still wet from yesterdays welcomed downpour and gentle cross breeze. Ideal spring weather – warm and moist.

For 2014 our gardens have truly expanded. With the lower garden taking on most of the commercial vegetables.


Spinach – monster for salad
Red leaf lettuce.
Mixed Green Salad.
Swiss chard – yellow & red



Bell Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash


Muscadine Grapes

Fresh Herbs

Sweet Basil
Chocolate Mint
Cilantro – herb light
Bay leaves – late season
Lemongrass – late season


Violets Edible Flowers

Specialty Items:

Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Hibiscus and Chocolate Mint Tea
Violet and Sage Tea

Seeding Greens and Cabbage

The front garden got a seed make-over. Last week the parsnip and carrot seeds went into most of the garden beds. Today, short season vegetable seeds were add to the beds. Excited to try cooking with some new vegetables.


Broccoli Waltham


Cabbage – Copenhagen market
Cabbage – Baby choi
Cabbage – Michihli
Cabbage – Wong bok
Cabbage – Red Ace


Greens – Collards Georgia southern
Greens – Kale – Red Russian


Upward Cress