Fruit Trees

  • Pear Trees.
  • Peach Trees.
  • Apple Trees.
  • Plum Bush.
  • Mulberry Bush – June Harvest.
  • Blackberry – Trim back dead part of plant.
  • Rhubarb Patches.
  • Wonder Berry.
  • Garden Huckleberry.
  • Garden Strawberry Spinach.
  • Ground Cherry.

Update March 16 2014: Starting the indoor trays of first year harvest berries – Garden Huckleberry, Wonder Berry, Garden Strawberry Spinach, and Ground Cherry.

Update April 8 2014: 1 of 5 of the Pear trees have buds. While half of the blackberry bush may be dead, the other half is covered in fresh leaves. With temperatures last week in the 70’s – it is not surprising to see that all of the rhubarb has gone to bloom – with 6″ x 1″ stalks.

Updated April 11 2014: Removed rhubarb blooms.

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