Update: March 11 2014:  Salsify Mammoth sandwich island patch established. 21 days for germination and 120 -150 days to harvest. Target dates for Salsify.

  • Germination – April 1st.
  • Harvest – August 7 – Sept 6.

Update: April 5 2014: It has been over 21 days since the Salsify was sown – so far no signs of  germination. Salsify likes to begin the season with light, but does not care for the heat of summer. Given that the salsify harvest is not until the heart of summer the salsify will need shade. I have sown some Kale and Mustard seeds to provide the salsify with shade as the season gets hotter. Mustard is listed as a companion plant for salsify – though does not define the benefit (maybe it’s shade – and mustards ability to grow quickly).

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