Seed Objective

This year we set the objective to record the success of our seeds. With the success measured by the food grown.

Last year, there were many vegetable plants that did not come to fruit. From what I can recall, germination rates were low –  many of the heirloom and organic seeds preforming poorly. While the conventional (non-gmo) seeds produced the most harvest.

Our objective is to remain focused on working with heirloom varieties. Discovering new and interesting foods that are enjoyed for freshness and flavor, rather than shelve life and the ability to travel. When you grow your own food it is not enough to grow what the store have to offer. Your garden should produce the vegetables that the store can not offer. Many stores now provide the basic fresh vegetables from a  local organic source – while most of your local heirloom are not bought to market.

The time spent last year alphabetizing and cataloging the seed bank has greatly streamlined the planting process. While having an inventory has identified  what seed stocks are low and the stock surplus.

  • Seed varieties = 204
  • Varieties of seeds with less than 10 seeds = 21
  • Varieties of seeds with less than 25 seeds = 32
  • Varieties of seeds with more than 100 seeds = 74
  • Varieties of seeds with more than 300 seeds = 99


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