Brewing Kombucha

Leaning how to brew Kombucha

How To Brew Kombucha at home

Our Brewing Kombucha playlist begins with “How To Make Kombucha” – which includes a great description of Kombucha.

The second video is presented by Rashel Harris from The Promiseland Farm “How to make fizzy kombucha at home“- you may be hard pressed in finding a better video example. I especially liked how Rashel explains the different bottles and how to add flavour – be sure to visit the Promise Land Farm website for a full description and instructions.

Need more information about Kombucha

The third video from Cultures for Health “How to Make Kombucha Tea” – has a detailed two minute introduction to the nature of Kombucha. The What it is – great resource for those looking for precise info on the Mother. The video does include the example of making a small amount of Kombucha – rather than a large batch. Perfect for a comfortable learning curve.

The last video, “How to Flavor Kombucha Tea” – includes some fun taste recommendations. Plus a nice explanation on how to bottle and get that fizz that we all like.

Brewing Tips

      Use White Sugar – to help maintain the correct PH balance.
      Make sure everything is kept clean.
      Allow the Kombucha to brew for 5-7 days. Can brew up to 30 days, but may be more of an acquired taste.
      Let the culture develop to cover the top layer.