Carrots are meant to be an easy vegetable to grow. However, over the past three years our attempts have been little less than finger food. Last year we even tried growing carrots in containers. With no improvement.

Easy label for carrots


Update March 11 2014: The battle is on for a reasonable harvest of 2014 carrots. With 10 different varieties – ranging from short season (54 days) to long season (85 Days) – we hope to pull some of these carrots fresh from the ground.

  1. Carrot – Atomic Red (70 days)
  2. Carrot – Early Monument (65 days)
  3. Carrot – Danver 126 (70 days)
  4. Carrot – Dragon (85 days)
  5. Carrot – Mokum (54 days)
  6. Carrot – Purple (70 days)
  7. Carrot – Tender Sweet (75 days)
  8. Carrot – To A Pi Parigi (65 days)
  9. Carrot – White Satin (68 days)
  10. Carrot РYellowstone (70 days)

Update: March 23 2014:
The Carrots are beginning to show signs of germination – with small clusters of small first leaves appearing. The leaves appearance does not have any of the carrot like characteristics.

Update: April 9 2014: The carrots are slowly beginning to germinate. I know all the books say plant in rows. When young seedlings begin to appear Рhaving them in a line makes the vegetable easy to ID compared to any weeds that might also be fighting for space.

Carrot Seedlings Excited to see the carrot germination – we are hoping for a hearty harvest.